Introducing Viction – A New TomoChain’s Identity for the Victory Vision

Partnership — Viction is the new name of TomoChain, a well-established blockchain for half a decade. Despite external factors causing fluctuations in the blockchain world, our decision to transform has been carefully considered and nurtured. This change is not only necessary for us, but also stems from our deep desire to make a more meaningful impact on humanity and the Web3 community.

The call for transformation

Remembered in 2017, when the blockchain market was still in its infancy, TomoChain embarked on an ambitious journey to tackle the pressing challenges of scalability and security within blockchain networks. We started our journey with a few small victories, laying the foundation for a sustainable blockchain capable of serving millions of users, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the constant support of our amazing community.

Back then, our main objective was all about creating an efficient blockchain platform for decentralized applications, solely driven by our passion for technology. However, as we embarked on a dedicated five-year technological journey, we quickly realized that achieving mass adoption might be more challenging than anticipated. During our continuing journey, we couldn’t shake the feeling that something important was missing. This made us pause and reflect on the bigger picture.

We began to realize an intriguing pattern. Even though there are numerous infrastructure options to serve billions of users, a significant number of users are still unable to comprehend the importance of embracing Web3. So, while we keep progressing with innovative products and expanding infrastructure, we find ourselves constantly pondering: What’s next? What truly drives the progress of blockchain technology?

This newfound clarity led us to embark on something different, something more impactful, as we strive to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Meet Viction

We chose to redirect our focus and position ourselves as a platform for unlocking human potential to inject genuine meaning into technological development. Along with this new direction, we have chosen an entirely new brand name, introduced a refreshing visual identity, made plans to change the ticker, and, above all, developed a fresh vision, mission, and core values that inspire and guide us forward. As part of this transition, we have officially shifted to and anticipate a gradual overall transformation over the next 6 to 12 months.

The new name

We spent countless nights searching for the new name. Viction – a name that embodies our five-year blockchain’s legacy while also highlighting our future focus on real-world utilization and human values has been born.

“”Viction” is a combination of “Vision” and “Victory”.

Embracing this name, our new journey takes on an endless path known as “Expanding Vision.” We are expanding our Vision to bring immense value to people’s lives through blockchain technology, enabling individuals to reach greater heights and discover their true potential.

Ultimately, what we all share is the collective achievement of Victory. We strive for a blockchain technology that opens doors of opportunity for all.

Your dreams are our Vision.

Your successes are our Victories.

The new logo and color

The logo is the primary identifier of our brand, capturing our name, mission, and legacy. The overall shape of the logo exudes a sense of solidity and is closely tied to the foundational nature of our Layer 1 blockchain technology. Additionally, the spacing between the two shapes represents limitless potential and invokes the feeling of an open horizon.

We have opted for neutral colors and a simple shape in the logo mark. This choice creates a pleasant harmony with real-life images and allows them to tell compelling stories about people. The logo carries the characteristic of being sleek and modern, perfectly blending with the depiction of ambitious and passionate individuals.

The new ticker

In our ongoing journey of progress and innovation, we’re excited to announce a significant change. Our native token, formerly known as TOMO, is now rebranded as VIC. This change is purely symbolic, reflecting our renewed brand identity, and does not involve any technical adjustments to our smart contract, tokenomics, or token supply. We have already informed all our partners, including exchanges, data platforms, and ecosystem partners, who will make the necessary updates to represent this new ticker name. This move is a testament to our commitment to align every element of our operations with the evolved Viction vision.

The new direction

All of the new identity above perfectly aligns with the values we hold dear today. At Viction, we proudly stand as a global layer-1 blockchain, aligning blockchain with human values and empowering people to live out their potential.

We are driven by a mission to empower the vision 
and potential of people with our secure and accessible platform. We aim to construct a decentralized, global, and borderless platform that empowers humanity to connect, collaborate, and create without limitations. We envision a world where transparency, accessibility, support, stability, collaboration, community-building, and growth thrive, ushering in an open and secure world where humanity flourishes.

Paving the path forward

To establish a platform with immense possibilities, we believe in nurturing the dreams of everyone involved. That’s why we aim to connect businesses, investors, developers, and the general public, not just focusing on one group.

Taking practical steps forward, we first want to team up with startups and individuals with the ambition to transform their ideas into tangible products. Moreover, we gladly act as an open source to educate and inspire people about the benefits and potential of our innovative technology. By taking these initiatives, we offer both technical and non-technical experiences that cater to the diverse needs of aspiring builders.

Viction represents our firm belief in making the world a better place by expanding everyone’s visions and enabling greater achievements. While we have defined our strategies, it is the togetherness within our community that will empower us to shape the future of Viction collectively. So, let’s come together and build on Viction as you embark on an incredible journey towards uncovering even more potential.

Check out our brand-new channels and stay connected with the amazing community of Viction.

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